LSU hosted a meeting of an international project “Nordic-Baltic Sustainable Approach Coaching Youth for Elite”


   On 10—11 November, LSU hosted the first coordination meeting of Nordplus HZ project “Nordic-Baltic Sustainable Approach Coaching Youth for Elite ID: NPHZ-2016/10076”. The international project has been carried out since 2009 with LSU as a project coordinator.

   The aim of the project is to reinforce the Nordic-Baltic coach training network, share experience in the development of future coaches, improvement of teachers' qualifications and update of coach training programmes in higher education institutions. In the two stages of the previous projects, workshops for students, young coaches and teachers were organized; students were invited to career enhancement courses and lectures, delivered by famous European sports science representatives. Also, a textbook was published.

   The project “Nordic-Baltic Sustainable Approach Coaching Youth for Elite” will continue until 2019. The project has brought together the following partners–higher education institutions: University of Southern Denmark, Latvian Academy of Sport Education, Halmstad University (Sweden), Haaga Helia University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands) as well as non-higher education institutions, such as Scania Sport Federation (Sweden), NARTA National Athletic Training Association (Lithuania), Lithuanian Aerobics Federation, Kaunas centre sports school, Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations and Halland Sports Federation (Sweden).

   During the meeting, coach training programmes were introduced and discussed; associations and federations submitted proposals for a variety of coach training issues. Project participants discussed about the improvement of coach training methodology through application of the latest research to achieve high sports results without harming athlete health.

   Moreover, a programme of an intensive course for students to be developed in 2017 was discussed. Seminars, intensive courses, a summer camp for students will be organized throughout the project. Also, an optional coach training module taught by the best coach training specialists from partner institutions will be created.