Exchange visit of LSU lecturer to University of Bologna

  Due to the grant nomination from the Italian Ministery of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, on November 17-24th, 2016 assoc. prof. Rita Gruodytė-Račienė had a great opportunity to visit the first and oldest university in the world – University of Bologna (Bologna, Italy). „During this visit, I have met about 200 students of 2nd year, who were having course of „Physical Education and development in infancy and youth age” with assoc. prof. Andrea Ceciliani. My lecture „Benefits of weight-bearing, high-impact activities during growing years“ was held in a luxurious hall of Nosadella Cinema Building and was received with high interest. Especially surprising was to share discussion with one student who stood out with his “extracurricular” knowledge on the related topic. Also I had a chance to introduce studies in Lithuania, and in Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) particularly, and at least one student expressed his intentions to come to LSU next year for a study exchange. In my experience this was the first time I gave a lecture for such a broad auditorium and in such an extraordinary venue. Nevertheless, I have already observed how the cinema building in Reikjavik (Iceland) is being used for academic purposes”, says R. Gruodytė-Račienė.

  On another occasion lecturer R. Gruodytė-Račienė have worked with the same students, but divided into smaller groups (of approx. 30 students in each group) that had taken the course of prof. A. Ceciliani “Laboratory experience in the gym” in the “RECORD” Sport Club of University of Bologna. For these classes students were provided with theory on different teaching styles (aka Mosston Spectrum) in physical activity learning environment; challenged with various practical tasks on movement exploration (with and without sport equipment); and tried to apply effective strategies for creativity skills development in children and adolescents. “It was very inspiring to see how students get involved in problem-solving tasks, when creating various movement routines using musical accompaniment and sport equipment (different balls, gymnastic sticks, ribbons, hoops, etc.)”, states R. Gruodytė-Račienė.

  Additionally R. Gruodytė-Račienė have met with collegues prof. Antonello Lorenzini and Marco Malaguti at the Nutrition Research Centre to discuss the possible colaboration on the prospective Horizon 2020 project on physical activity and lifestyle interventions to combat the metabolic syndrom of university employees. Previously LSU and university of Bologna successfully collaborated on the implementation of the 2 week Intensive Summer School in Education and Sport “Stay hungry stay active! Lifestyles for a long health span” for international students which took place in Rimini for the years 2010-2014.

  The university of Bologna has about 85 thousand students in its 11 schools, that has campuses not only in Bologna, but also in cities of Ravenna, Forlì, Cesena and Rimini as well as a branch center abroad in Buenos Aires.