LSU representatives participated in the final meeting of “” project


  The representatives of LSU Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alvydas Kalvėnas, Dr. Sandra Kilikevičienė and Tomas Kukenys took part in the final meeting of the EC Erasmus+ Sport Programme project “ - International Network to Implement EU Physical Activity Guidelines on Infrastructure Development” (2015–2016) and a dissemination seminar, which were held on November 30 - December 2 in Cassino and Rome (Italy).

   During the events, the representatives of every country participating in the project (Austria, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Finland and Germany) presented the results achieved during the project - a national alliance and a national action plan for the implementation of the European IMPALA guidelines.

   Dr. Joao Breda, Programme Manager on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity (World Health Organization, Regional Committee for Europe), Mr. Mogens Kirkeby, President of the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA), members of the Italian Parliament, representatives of the Italian regional governmental institutions and various health and sports organizations participated in the project dissemination seminar held in Italian Parliament in Rome.

   The aim of “” project, coordinated by Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany), is to develop a toolkit of good practice “IMPALA Toolkit” aimed to provide steps how to apply the IMPALA guidelines in sports and leisure infrastructure planning, construction, financing and management. Lithuania is represented in the project by the Lithuanian Sports University and its stakeholder - the Lithuanian Physical Activity and Health Association.

   The European IMPALA guidelines were selected as one of the indicators to promote physical activity in the areas of the environment, urban planning and public safety in the EU Council Recommendation on Health-Enhancing Physical Activity across Sectors, which was adopted in Vilnius in 2013.