PhD student Giuseppe Francesco Giancotti from Italy: LSU is the place to experience the spirt of sport

  This academic year, two PhD students from abroad have come to Lithuanian Sports University on a research internship. We have already had a chance to present Mario Alguacil Jimenez, a PhD student from the University of Valencia (Spain). Now we would like to introduce Giuseppe Francesco Giancotti, a PhD student of Sports Science and Physical Activity at The University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (Italy).

  Giuseppe Francesco Giancotti came to Lithuania in August 2016 with a plan to stay until January, but he extended his stay until the end of March 2017 in order to write the summary of his doctoral dissertation. Giuseppe decided to choose LSU for his research internship after his visit to Lithuanian Sports University. As a Master’s degree student, he participated in an international intensive programme “Eivos” and was impressed by the university and Kaunas.

  Giuseppe’s goal in Lithuania is to write the summary of his doctoral dissertation "Monitoring Training Load in Zumba and Suspension Training: A Psycho-Physiological and Biomechanical Analysis". The student carried out his research in Italy. In Lithuania, he has been analysing theoretical material and cooperating with LSU scientists and young researchers – PhD students. Vice-Rector for Research Dr. Arvydas Stasiulis is Giuseppe’s internship coordinator at LSU.

  According to the doctoral student, he spent most of the time in the university library, and quite often participated in research and public lectures with LSU doctoral students upon the invitation of Prof. A. Stasiulis. Giuseppe has been actively involved in scientific activity for several years. He has presented his research findings at the ECSS Congress several times; this year, he participated in the competition of the Scientist of the Year of Italy to win the Madella Award and became the finalist. In Rome, his doctoral dissertation research findings won the first place.

  During his stay in Kaunas, the student from Italy has mainly communicated and enjoyed a game of football or basketball with the students who have come to LSU under “Erasmus” student exchange programme. “You can feel the spirit of sport at the university – both among the students and the teachers. The main sports hall regularly hosts different activities and events for students. Kaunas always offers exciting sports and entertainment events. I love it, and this proves that I made the right decision coming here. This has opened up great opportunities not only to get to know the world of science, but also Lithuanian culture and people”, said Giuseppe Francesco Giancotti.