The University of Split and Lithuanian Sports University are launching a joint programme to train highest-level basketball professionals

  Lithuanian basketball has a lot of accomplishments. However, there are not many highest-level professionals: as few as 11 basketball coaches are certified to have the highest qualifications in basketball coaching. Therefore, those who want to acquire the latest knowledge in sports science and get a Master’s degree in Sport can already choose a unique international joint Master's degree programme International Basketball Coaching and Management, which has been developed by Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) in partnership with the University of Split (Croatia).  The studies will be carried out in the English language. At the beginning of May, the programme was accredited by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education.

  “After we decided to develop a joint international programme, open to both Lithuanian and foreign sports professionals, we responsibly chose partners. Croats willingly accepted our proposal, because there is the lack of high-level basketball professionals in this country as well. Last autumn we conducted a targeted survey, which showed that not only Lithuanian coaches, assistant coaches, athletic training trainers who work with basketball players and basketball scouts, but also sports professionals in other European countries were interested in this international Master’s degree study programme. Social partners of both LSU and the University of Split emphasize the importance of the programme”, said Acting Professor Dr. Irena Valantinė, the Director and one of the developers of the programme International Basketball Coaching and Management.

  This programme is different from other Master's degree programmes as it offers students a unique opportunity to combine studies with elite sport, coaching and professional sporting activities, as well as ensures acquisition of the most important skills in basketball coaching and management.

  The duration of the programme International Basketball Coaching and Management is 2 years. Students will have intensive studies at the University of Split for two weeks in January 2018, study individually till summer and continue their studies at LSU in July. January of the second academic year will be spent in Croatia. After practice, students will write their Master Thesis and defend it at LSU in summer.

  According to the Director of the study programme Acting Professor Dr. I. Valantinė, students will learn to carry out independent research on the basis of the latest knowledge in sports science, systematize the latest technological knowledge in athlete training and convey it to the target audience.

  “These studies should be particularly useful for sports Bachelors who seek deeper knowledge in basketball. Students will study technical and tactical preparedness, deepen knowledge in modern technical and tactical training, applied physiology, nutrition and neurobiology and applied psychology, improve their knowledge in basketball competition performance analysis, and get acquainted with the latest technology in basketball. This is an invaluable experience for a basketball professional”, said European basketball champion, coach Acting Associate Professor Dr. Rasa Kreivytė, who will deliver lectures to future Master degree students together with experienced colleagues from Croatia and other countries and a coach Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rūtenis Paulauskas.

  “We are glad that highly-professional LSU teaching staff will be joined by well-known representatives of Croatian basketball Dino Radja, Emilio Kovacić, Velimir Petrasović and Zmago Sagadin as well as famous Portuguese, Spanish, Serbian sports professionals”, said LSU Vice-Rector for Development and Sport Dr. M. Balčiūnas.

  General Secretary of Lithuanian Association of Basketball Coaches Nerijus Masiulis believes that a good coach has to be involved in the process of continuous learning. “Only persons holding Master’s degree are appointed to a position of a national team coach in some countries. Therefore, a joint Master’s degree programme developed by LSU and the University of Split is a good opportunity for basketball coaches to achieve the highest professional goals”, said Assoc. Prof. Dr. N. Masiulis.

  Upon completion of a Master’s degree programme, students will be able to pursue a career in a lot of areas of sport and business activities. Moreover, they will be able to adapt the knowledge gained in the areas such as basketball training, youth education, basketball analytics or research activities, working as health promotion or physical fitness specialists. Graduates will be able to work as researchers-analysts of training technology, coaches of the highest qualification in Lithuanian or foreign institutions in public or private sector or player selection managers. 20 persons holding Bachelor’s degree in Sport will be admitted by competition to full-time and part-time joint Master degree study programme International Basketball Coaching and Management every year.

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