University of Tartu hosted the final meeting of Nordplus HZ project

   The University of Tartu (Estonia) hosted the final meeting of Nordplus project “Nordic–Baltic Physical Activity Bridges” HZ-2014-10107. During the meeting, we discussed the work carried out, final project report, the results achieved, future plans and assessment of student/ teacher as well as other project participants’ activities. We prepared guidelines and developed the final product of the project – recommendations on physical activity for the sectors of three levels: university – school – community.  

   Just before leaving for the project meeting we received good news from the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU) about the approval of an ongoing project “Nordic Baltic Learning Environments for Movement Affordances NPHZ-2017/10130” of the network. LSU participates in the project as a project coordinator.

   The aim of the project is to take over Nordic experience through application of physical activity in kindergartens, schools and communities. Modern society leads a passive life. Information technology, transport, sedentary work and increasing urban infrastructure - these are the causes, which make us pay particular attention to physical activity in kindergartens, primary and basic schools. We have to start caring for health in the early childhood. Therefore, it is very important to develop physical activity skills in children.