LSU will coordinate Erasmus+ Sport programme project SAVE

    On the 24th of July 2017, the European Commission published the results of the Collaborative Partnerships/Small Collaborative Partnerships in the sport field and Not-for-profit European sport events.

   Project “Sport Against Violence and Exclusion / SAVE” (590711-EPP-1-2017-1-LT-SPO-SCP) was selected for funding that will be coordinated by Lithuanian Sports University (Lithuania) and implemented in the partnership with University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Split (Croatia), University of Palermo (Italy), University of Novi Sad (Serbia), Lithuanian Union of Sport Federations (Lithuania), WUS (World University Service, Austria), DEFOIN (Career Development and Integration, Spain) and CESIE (European Centre for Studies and Initiatives, Italy).

   The project will focus on supporting the implementation of the EU policy regarding the strengthening of the prevention and fight against racism and violence among youth in sport clubs, specifically aiming towards grass root sports, amateur and recreational sport in respect to a number of EU policies, guidelines and recommendations such as White Paper on Sport.

   Specific objectives of the project are: recognize and increase the acquisition of skills and competencies such as discipline, team-work and perseverance through informal learning activities in sport; provide a suitable measure in which determined competencies will ensure better understanding in basic and general concepts of proper social conduct; enable youth to practice sport collectively and in organised structure; support sport clubs which practice grass-root sport in order to increase their services and engage young people in sport; promote dialogue and exchange of best practices by integrating sport competencies in everyday practice; Support sport contribution to social cohesion and integrated societies; support inter-cultural dialogue, sense of belonging and participation through key sport competencies 

   Project budget — 365 600 EUR, duration — 30 months (end 30/06/2020).