Sports patron from Turkey has been granted a title of LSU Honorary Doctorate

   Coskun Yilmaz, a sports patron, businessman, one of the leaders of the Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation and a graduate of Harvard University has been conferred a title of Honorary Doctorate by the Senate of Lithuanian Sports University (LSU). The title has been given for his contribution to the quality of the study process at Lithuanian Sports University and the development of internationalization. C. Yilmaz has financed the establishment of LSU Basketball Laboratory, the purchase of athlete testing and training equipment, and supported LSU women's and men's basketball teams. Thanks to him, LSU students had the opportunity to visit the Euroleague and European Men's Basketball Championship finals in Istanbul. According to LSU Vice Rector for Development and Sport Dr. Mindaugas Balčiūnas, the owner of the construction company KAYI C. Ylmaz will continue to help improve the infrastructure of the university.

   C. Yilmaz has supported the creation of LSU Basketball Laboratory where experienced basketball specialists from the University and other countries will carry out research, create systems for analysis of competitive activities and new training methods. Future professionals of this sport and members of the Lithuanian Association of Basketball Coaches will be able to use the video library containing material on basketball research.                           

    “We are glad that Coskun Yilmaz together with LSU encourages the development of basketball in Lithuania by contributing to the establishment of a new LSU Basketball Laboratory. In recent years Turkey has been extremely progressing as a country of basketball. Most international basketball events take place here and almost all major basketball supporters are from Turkey”, said Vice Rector for Development and Sport Dr. Mindaugas Balčiūnas.

   Coskun Yilmaz is a member of the Board of a sports club "Galatasaray" and has been the head of the club for several years. At present, he is a sponsor of the basketball teams of the sports club "Galatasaray".