LSU representatives participated in the meeting of the project “Work out Now” (I WON) in Italy

  The third project meeting took place at the Palagym-Palestra Ginnastica Ferrara (Pharrell, Italy). It was attended by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Renata Rutkauskaitė (Department of Health, Physical and Social Education), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vilma Dudonienė (Department of Applied Biology and Rehabilitation) and the Head of the International Relations Office Irena Čikotienė.  

  This meeting was dedicated to discussing the information guide that has already been drawn up and finalized. The guide is geared towards coaches and physical education teachers who train the youth. The purpose of the guide is to provide coaches with information on how to properly perform exercises to protect the trainees from injuries and avoid injury during training sessions and competitions. A lot of athletes get injured during workouts and competitions, and as a result, most of them cannot continue their sports career. Project partners (Municipality of Mirandela (Portugal), the Co-ordinator Palagym-Palestra Ginnastica Ferrara and Lithuanian Sports University) are facing these problems and the topic of the project is relevant not only to those participating in the project but also to other countries. The main product of this project, beside the information guide, is a phone application containing video exercises.

  During the meeting, we observed the training session carried out for young people, seniors and professional athletes at the Palagym Club, and discussed the training methods, the benefits and importance of warming up, and the choice of exercises strengthening various muscle groups in order to avoid possible injuries. A set of footage exercises was selected and an App that would be very helpful to coaches has been started to be created.