NBA Los Angeles “Lakers” athletic trainer is to study in a joint study programme of LSU and the University of Split

Representatives from the NBA clubs choose Europe for basketball studies. One of the NBA Los Angeles “Lakers” athletic trainers Aditya Samuel Vase is going to study in an international joint Master's degree programme International Basketball Coaching and Management, which has been developed by Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) in partnership with the University of Split (Croatia) and is to be launched next year.

In an interview, Aditya Samuel Vase shared his thoughts about the coming studies in the international study programme.


Basketball in USA has probably the oldest traditions, why have you chosen to study in Europe?

So far, I have spent almost 6 years in basketball in the United States. This includes working with different elite university programs and professional clubs. Through exposure to many different people, and curiosity about holistic player development I have always been interested in methods of development (through coaching and management) in Europe. Doing this program will help me understand a different perspective through which I can approach player development. 


Where have You heard from about the studies of International Basketball Coaching and Management?

In my time with the San Antonio Spurs basketball club, we had many visits from European basketball professionals. One of these visits was from Professor Jaime Sampaiao. In talking with him, I learned more about the Lithuania Sports University and its many programs. The program that interested me the most were the International Basketball Coaching and Management program. 


What do you expect?

The difference in philosophies between the USA and Europe is clear to see in my different interactions with basketball professionals from all over the world. I expect to be able to learn more about holistic methods of coaching, management and long term player development. Through doing this program, I aim to enhance my knowledge of all the different complex systems to be taken into account when coaching and training basketball players. I am also excited to learn new methods, challenge my thinking and get exposure to experienced professors that have had success in different environments, and understand the infrastructure that contributes to development of players and winning teams. It is also interesting to me to be able to understand practical methods that will lead to developing better basketball teams and players. Ultimately, I would love to be able to assist with coaching or training a national team in a big international tournament such as Eurobasket or the Olympics.


How did You start your life with the basketball and LA Lakers club?

Previously, I played basketball in the Middle East for 4 years. After finishing my playing career, I moved to the United States to study Exercise Physiology and learn about basketball coaching. After working for 3 years in the university programs for basketball, I was given the opportunity to join the SA Spurs basketball club. Working there for over 2 years gave me the chance to join the LA Lakers basketball club, where I am currently employed.


NBA season is very intensive. Will it be possible to combine the studies with the work in the club?

Yes. While studying in my undergraduate degree, I attended school 25 hours per week, while also working in training and coaching basketball 75 hours per week. The workload and new knowledge is exciting for me and I am looking forward to learning more about European basketball coaching and philosophies. 


What do You know about the Lithuanian and Croatia Basketball Schools? Professors of the program?

So far, I'm not fully familiar with each of these basketball schools. This was one of the biggest reasons for my interest in the program. I am very excited to see and learn the infrastructure, coaching, training philosophies in the Croatian and Lithuanian basketball schools. Learning from experienced professors about various aspects is a big reason for me choosing this program. 


How much are you familiar with the Lithuanian Basketball and Lithuanian Sports University?

I am familiar with the school through talking with Dr. Sampaiao briefly. My knowledge of Lithuanian basketball goes back to many of the Olympic teams of Lithuania and watching the Lithuania team extensively in EuroBasket competitions. As far as Lithuanian Basketball, I also have a few friends that played multiple seasons of professional basketball in Lithuania, so I have heard about Lithuania Basketball from them as well. 


Thank You for Your answers.