The ceremony Doctor Honoris Causa at Lithuanian Sports University

In accordance with the decision made by the Senate of Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) on 22 December 2016, Professor Hans Degens (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Professor Henning Budde (MSH Medical School Hamburg) will be granted a title of Honorary Doctor.

  Professor H. Degens has been cooperating with LSU for many years. He has supervised a doctoral thesis, published a number of articles in co-authorship with LSU scientists, managed PhD students’ internships at Manchester Metropolitan University and fostered shared scientific ideas with LSU researchers.

  Professor H. Budde consults LSU group of scientists “Technology of Personality Education through Sport”, gives lectures to LSU Master degree students, supervises a doctoral thesis and co-authors scientific articles together with LSU researchers.  


  The inauguration will take place during the Graduation Ceremony for LSU students at Christ's Resurrection Basilica (Žemaičių g. 31 A, Kaunas) on 22 June (Thursday) at 11 o'clock.


  You are welcome to participate in the ceremony!